June 16, 2020 | Mythos Updates

New Feature: Custom Story Statuses

Every organization and every team has its own processes, rules, and ways of executing projects. From the beginning, the Mythos team has designed Mythos to be flexible to support the ability for our users to customize their workflow within Mythos to suit those unique characteristics.

With that in mind, we’re excited to introduce Mythos Story Custom Statuses.

As always, please let us know if you have any questions!

About Custom Statuses

As you create Mythos Stories, you’ll need to edit and approve them. In order to manage that editorial and approval process, every story has an option for a status to be applied to it.

This new setting in Mythos allows you to customize the default statuses that come preloaded in Mythos and add or remove statuses that you may need to better manage your process and workflow. You can also assign custom colors to help visually differentiate the statuses in the Mythos Story Manager.

Mythos custom workflow statuses

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