Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve collected all the frequent questions we’ve received over the years in this MYTHOS® FAQ.

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Questions answered on this page:

What is Mythos?

Mythos is a platform of software and services that streamline the reporting and donor communication process—from collecting content, to organizing and managing it, to publishing it in print or digital form. Mythos is especially helpful for teams looking to collect and share personal and relevant content with donors such as beneficiary stories and financial reports.

We are the first to admit that reporting in general is difficult to manage and execute—whether your sharing individual thank you letters or integrating impact stories in every one of your financial reports—but with Mythos, you have an integrated toolset designed specifically for this purpose that gives you the features to make it as easy and efficient as possible.

Mythos enables this by giving you a central database to store your stories and other communications content with an integrated, customizable survey creator, and editing, proofing, and organization tools that allow you to customize the workflow.

Most importantly, Mythos can help you produce beautiful reports and other communications—either one at a time or hundreds at a time. With the Mythos Document and Campaign Managers, you can use Mythos Document Templates to create highly personalized and customized documents with just a few clicks. Mythos Document Templates aren’t simple “word” merge templates—they are actual software programs designed to consume and adapt to variable content and can be based on documents you already have or the Mythos team can design new templates custom for your organization.

And with our suite of complementary add-on services, we can help make your nonprofit and higher education reporting and communications more effective by connecting your Mythos content on a one-to-one basis with your audience to create communications that are personally relevant to each person—be that existing donors, prospective donors, alumni, or prospective students.

Why would I need the Mythos platform?

You already know that reporting is a challenge. Even just “simple” financial reporting can be a challenging and time-consuming problem. Adding personally relevant content and stories creates a connection between your organization and your donors. But collecting those stories and connecting them to the right people can be quite difficult. Using a “standard” survey tool, emails, spreadsheets, Word merge templates, Dropbox, and any number of other tools just isn’t efficient.

With Mythos, you’ll spend more time sharing your stories and creating that connection with your audience, and less time managing and producing the reports and communications.

Mythos is purpose-built to make sharing relevant stories easier by integrating everything you need into one convenient tool. From collection to editing to sharing, Mythos streamlines the donor communications process by providing you with one central database of impact stories, and standardizing the data so that using it in email or print reports or feeding it to a donor portal becomes not only possible but much, much easier.

What kind of things can Mythos help me do?

Mythos helps you collect stories and other communications content, curate that content, and share it with your audience on a one-to-one basis. In other words, it helps you create individually relevant and personal communications whether that’s a thank you letter or a donor fund report.

Using our fully integrated Survey Manager, you can create a custom survey that helps you collect the best content possible. Use your data to personalize, tailor, and dynamically craft the questions that you ask while also automatically applying relevant content tags to help you manage and align the stories to your donors.

Then, using the Story Manager, you can format, edit, and curate that story content for any channel you need.

Finally, you can create beautiful and highly customized documents using the Mythos Document and Campaign Managers.

Mythos makes highly relevant and individualized communications easier and more efficient.

What kind of content can I collect with Mythos?

Any story can be collected with Mythos but most often Mythos is used to collect beneficiary stories from students who’ve benefited from endowment or other university or college donations, faculty whose research has grown, or from alumni and donors.

What kind of things can I produce with Mythos?

From postcards and impact reports, to personalized donor web sites—Mythos can produce stories for any channel you use to communicate with your donors.

Using Mythos templates, you can make any document publishable within Mythos so you can easily include beneficiary stories in those documents to create beautiful, engaging reports and other donor communications.

What is included with Mythos?

Each of the Mythos pricing plans have a set of features suited for different needs. Our plans are based on our many years of experience with existing nonprofit customers using Mythos.

However, each plan can be custom and we can work with you to assess the problems your company faces and choose the best license for you or create one that is best suited for your needs.

Beyond the Mythos software, we offer design and data services, bespoke print production, and fulfillment to maximize the impact of storytelling within your organization.

What is NOT included with Mythos?

Any of our Add-on Services are not included with your Mythos license fee. In particular, Document Template setup is not included as the effort to set those up varies depending on the layout of your document and how you want your content flow from page-to-page.

What if I just need a story database?

No problem. We offer a license we call the Starter level that includes just the Mythos Survey tools and the Mythos Story Manager. With that license, you can collect stories, manage them, and have a centralized, searchable story database that everyone at your organization can leverage.

If you have your own system for publishing, this is a great option. You can leverage the Mythos API to connect your system to Mythos to pull in your stories or you can export/download your story content for import into your publishing system.

Is my Mythos content and data secure?

Yes. Every year we hire a 3rd party testing company to do penetration and vulnerability testing on the Mythos software. If any issues are found (which is rare), we fix them immediately and that 3rd party company verifies the fixes. We can provide our latest report upon request.

What does a typical deployment of Mythos look like?

To fully maximize the benefits of Mythos, we recommend a three-phase plan.

The first phase lays the foundation for collecting and curating stories. The second focuses on using those stories more broadly and the third expands across departments so the entire organization can harness the power of your stories.

The amount of time it takes to get through each phase depends on your organization and where you are already with storytelling.

What is the pricing for Mythos?

To make it easy, we offer some preset pricing plans that are based on what we’ve learned working with our customers. However, keep in mind, we can customize a plan for you.

Professional services such as design, data services, or printing are priced on a project basis.

Visit the Mythos pricing plans page to learn more about Mythos licenses.

Does Mythos integrate with other systems like my donor relations database?


Mythos has a fully documented RESTful API that can be used to integrate with any other system that can support the integration.

Can I control who can do what in Mythos?

Yes. There are several permission levels in Mythos from Admin to “Read Only.”

We can customize roles to ensure that every user has the permissions that he or she needs. See the Mythos pricing plans to choose a license with this option.

Does the public have access to my impact stories in Mythos?

Not by default. Only if you choose to give them access.

Can I post impact stories to my website from Mythos?

Yes. With our WordPress plugin, you can directly integrate Mythos with your WordPress-based website.

If you’re not using WordPress, Mythos has a fully documented RESTful API that we—or you—can use to integrate with your website.

We also offer a digital donor portal that you can use to share both beneficiary stories and digital versions of your reports with your donors.

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