Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve collected all the frequent questions we’ve received over the years in this Mythos FAQ.

If your question isn’t answered, please contact us today and we’ll give you an answer!

What is Mythos?

Mythos is software that helps you tell the right impact story to the right person at the right time by making the process of gathering, curating, and sharing impact stories incredibly easy.

Mythos enables this by giving you a central database to store your impact stories with an integrated, customizable survey creator, and editing, proofing, and organization tools that allow you to customize the workflow.

Our suite of complementary services helps make your nonprofit impact storytelling more effective by connecting your Mythos impact stories on a one-to-one basis with what you know about your audience to create communications that are personally relevant to each member of your audience—be that existing donors, prospective donors, alumni, students, or corporations.

Why would I need the Mythos software?

You already know that telling personally relevant impact stories creates a connection between your organization and your audience.

But collecting those stories and connecting them to the right people can be quite difficult. Using email, spreadsheets, Word documents, Dropbox, and whatever other tools just isn't efficient which means you're spending less time sharing those stories and creating that connection.

Mythos is purpose-built to make sharing impact stories easier by integrating everything you need onto one convenient tool. From collection to editing to sharing, Mythos streamlines the donor communications process by providing you with one central database of impact stories, and standardizing the data so that using it in email or print reports or feeding it to a donor portal becomes not only possible but much, much easier.

What kind of things can Mythos help me do?

Mythos helps you collect impact stories, curate them, and share them with your audience on a one-to-one basis. In other words, it helps you tell individually relevant beneficiary impact stories to the specific donors that care about those stories.

Using our fully integrated Survey Manager, you can create a custom survey that helps you collect the best story content possible.

Then, using the Story Manager, you can format, edit, and curate that story content for any channel you need.

Finally, with a combination of the Mythos software and our full suite of creative and marketing services, you can share stories to your target audience in an individually relevant and personalized way.

Mythos makes nonprofit storytelling easier and more efficient.

What kind of stories can I collect in Mythos?

Any story can be collected with Mythos but most often Mythos is used to collect impact stories from students who’ve benefitted from endowment or other university or college donations, faculty whose research has grown, or donors who have made a difference in their organization.

Mythos allows you to save stories in text form and in other formats like PDFs, Word, and even video.

What kind of things can I produce with Mythos?

From postcards and impact reports, to social media posts that link to personalized web pages—Mythos can produce stories for any channel you use to communicate with your audience.

What is included with Mythos?

Each of the Mythos pricing plans have a set of features suited for different needs. Our plans are based on our many years of experience with existing nonprofit customers using Mythos.

However, each plan can be custom and we can work with you to assess the problems your company faces and choose the best subscription for you or create one that is best suited for your needs.

Beyond the Mythos software, we offer nonprofit impact storytelling strategy, creative, data services, production, and fulfillment to maximize the impact of storytelling within your organization.

What does a typical deployment of Mythos look like?

To fully maximize the benefits of Mythos, we recommend a three-phase plan.

The first phase lays the foundation for collecting and curating stories. The second focuses on using those stories more broadly and the third expands across departments so the entire organization can harness the power of your stories.

The amount of time it takes to get through each phase depends on your organization and where you are already with storytelling.

What is the pricing for Mythos?

To make it easy, we offer three four preset pricing plans that are based on what we've learned working with our customers. However, keep in mind, we can customize a plan for you.

Professional services such as design or printing are typically priced on a project basis, but monthly retainer budgets can be established.

Visit the Mythos pricing plans page to learn more about Mythos pricing and our professional services page to learn more about how we can extend, enhance, and help you to fully leverage impact stories in your nonprofit communications.

Can you help me get my existing stories into Mythos?


All plans have the option of either a free initial story import or the option to include one for a modest fee. Contact us to get started with your impact storytelling with Mythos.

Does Mythos integrate with other systems like my donor relations database?


Mythos has a fully documented RESTful API that can be used to integrate with any other system that can support the integration.

Can I control who sees what impact stories in Mythos?

Yes. There are several permission levels in Mythos from Admin to "Read Only."

We can help you customize your roles to ensure that every user has the permissions that he or she needs.

Does the public have access to my impact stories in Mythos?

Not by default. Only if you choose to give them access.

Can I post impact stories to my website from Mythos?

Yes. With our fully integrated WordPress plugin, you can directly integrate Mythos with your WordPress-based website.

If you’re not using WordPress, Mythos has a fully documented RESTful API that we—or you—can use to integrate with your website.

Who created Mythos?

Mythos was developed by More Vang in response to a common problem our clients faced.

We saw that they had great stories to tell, but relied on a disparate collection of text documents, spreadsheets, and/or databases to keep track of them all.

We solved the problem with Mythos—a flexible, scalable platform that is designed to integrate with our clients’ systems and processes and makes it easier for them to tell more impact stories, to more donors, in more relevant ways.

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