Campaign Plan

A comprehensive platform for sharing the impact that donors are creating at your organization. This plan is completely custom based on your needs and can include any or all of the following services.

  • Online donor portal for sharing reports and other communications
    Not all donors want printed reports these days. And some donors want to be able to share their reports easily online. Some may even want to communicate directly with Donor Relations or beneficiaries online. The Mythos Donor Portal enables all this and more.
  • Custom report and fundraising communications design services
    Whether you don't have the resources or are just looking for an outside perspective, our Creative Services team has been designing reports and other communications for more than 15 years.
  • Bespoke report production and fulfillment
    Hard cover, leather, foil stamps...the quality of the physical expressions of your reports is unlimited and we can help create bespoke reports that donors will not only be proud of but want to share with others.
  • Custom connections between Mythos and other systems
    The Mythos API is both comprehensive and completely open. However, if your IT team can't help make a connection, our Technical Services team can help.
  • Custom campaign website driven by relevant Mythos beneficiary and impact stories
    Relevant impact and beneficiary stories are more engaging to prospective donors. We can help create custom campaign sites that leverage Mythos stories to make every touchpoint as relevant as possible.

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