Mythos Pricing Plans

MYTHOS® pricing plans are designed to meet your needs whether you’re a small team just getting started with storytelling or a large team already using stories in your nonprofit communications.

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Features & Pricing Starter Publisher Campaign
For smaller teams that want to collect and organize Stories in a central, searchable location.

per month, paid annually *
For teams that want to collect Stories and leverage them with on demand Document Publishing.

per month, paid annually *
For larger teams or multiple teams that want to leverage Stories with high volume, on demand Document Publishing.

per month, paid annually *
One-time setup fee
Fees to cover setup of Mythos and all included features. For example, setting up your Survey Theme or working with your IT team to get Single Sign On setup.
$597 $2,997 $6,997
Unlimited Surveys
Mythos Surveys are highly customizable "questionnaires" that you can create and send to different audiences to collect various types of Stories. For example, student scholarship recipients from whom you want to collect thank you letters for donors.
Unlimited questions
and field types
per Survey
Mythos Surveys offer a variety of question and field types—single line, multiline, select list, file upload, hidden, and page break.
Image and file
Ask your Survey Respondents to upload images (e.g., headshots, other graphics, etc.) or files (e.g., research reports, CV's, etc.) when submitting their Response.
Survey Responses
Not only can you create as many Mythos Surveys as you want, you can collect as many Survey Responses as you want on each Survey.
Advanced Survey logic
Mythos Survey Field Rules allow you to create multi-page surveys, ask different questions based on answers to previous questions, and even use data about your audience to customize the Survey for each Survey Respondent.
Customizable Survey
Response names
Instead of just "Response #1", "Response #2", etc., you use answers to Survey questions to customize how the Responses are named. For example, "Lastname, Firstname - Projectname, UserID", etc.
Survey completion
After a Survey Respondent submits their response, you can easily set the Survey to redirect them to another page or website of your choice.
Fully searchable
Survey Responses
All Responses for each Mythos Survey are searchable by keyword, tag, and profile information. You can search using shorthand search operators or you can use the Mythos Advanced Search interface.
Automated, rule-based
content tagging
When a Survey Respondent submits a Mythos Survey, their Story can be automatically tagged with relevant information about them and/or about the use case for their Story. This can be as simple as a "project" tag (e.g., Endowment 2021) or as complex as using "data attachment / prefill" to tag with highly individualized information (e.g., fund ID, donor ID, person ID, etc.).
Branded, themed
Mythos Surveys can be branded and themed with your brand colors to match your organization's brand guidelines. Each Survey you create can use a different Survey Theme.

(One theme included)

(Two themes included)

(Up to four themes included)
Fully accessible, 508 compliant Surveys
Unlimited Stories
Mythos Stories are the individual versions of content created from each Mythos Survey Response. You can create multiple Stories from one Response by picking and choosing the Survey answers you want to include in each Story.
Integrated image
editing tools
Any images that you upload or that are submitted with Survey Responses and included when converting the Response to a Story are editable via the Story Editor using basic image editing tools directly in Mythos.
Custom image cropping
aspect ratios
When you crop an image using the integrated image cropping tool, you can easily set the aspect ratio making it fast, easy, and convenient to ensure your image is the right size and aspect ratio for the Page Template on which you intend to publish it.
Fully searchable
All Stories are searchable by keyword, tag, profile information, and status. You can search using shorthand search operators or you can use the Mythos Advanced Search interface.
Saved searches
Save frequent Response or Story searches to easily pull up specific sets of results for workflow or other purposes. For example, save a search of all Stories that are in the "Proofed" status with a particular tag or tags when you need to approve Stories on a weekly basis.
Administrator users
Administrator users are users that access the Mythos Admin and can perform all functions in the Mythos platform—creating surveys, editing content, creating documents, and adding/removing users.
Unlimited, on-demand
data exports
Mythos does not hold your content or data hostage. You can export your content at any time with just a few clicks.
Online help & support
When you first login in to Mythos, you are presented with helpful guides that walk you through each primary set of features. Mythos also has a comprehensive help site where all of the guides—and more helpful resources—are searchable. Support emails are responded to as support specialists are available but minimum commitment to respond within four business days.
Unlimited Survey
data attachment / prefill
With Mythos Surveys, you can attach audience profile and other important data to a Survey. With this feature you can pre-fill Survey question answers and/or use it for advanced tagging (e.g., to tag a response with fund ID or fund manager) and/or use it to drive Survey Field Rules (logic) on your Survey. Requires Single Sign On (SSO).
Customizable Story
With Mythos, you can tailor your workflow around editing and approving Story content using customizable statuses (e.g., Draft, Edited, Needs Proofing, Ready for Review, Approved).
Expedited email support
Support emails are responded to within 48 hours from time of submission (e.g., if submitted at 2 p.m., response will be received by 2 p.m. two days later).
Track progress
of Survey Responses
With Mythos Surveys, you can easily track whether a Survey Respondent has not started to respond, has started and is in progress, or has submitted their response.
On demand
document publishing
With the Mythos Document Builder, you can easily create highly customized documents using either the Mythos Document Template catalog or your own Custom Document Template catalog. Every document can pull in one or more Mythos Stories and every Page Template can be customized.
With Mythos Surveys, you can require Survey Respondents to login. You can also allow anyone to login or just those that you configure to be able to login. Requires Single Sign On.
(2) hours of
onboarding / training
To help you get up and running more quickly, one of our Product Specialists will provide a comprehensive training.

Add-on support packages available
Single Sign On (SSO)
integration / setup
Single Sign On (SSO) lets you login using your organizations authentication system (e.g., SAML, Shibboleth). Generally, this is however you login to your organizations email, for example. That same login can be used to access the Mythos Admin as well as Mythos Surveys (e.g., for students or faculty).
users (3 default roles)
Non-Administrator users are users that can access the Mythos Admin and can perform most Mythos functions except adding and removing other users (only Administrators can do that). The three roles are Editor, Editor (no delete), and Viewer.
On demand
document publishing
The Mythos Document Builder lets you create highly customized documents on demand using either the Mythos Document Template catalog or your own Custom Document Template catalog.
Mythos Document
Template catalog
A catalog of pre-made templates that you can customize with images, colors, and your logo—without any additional charge—to create beautiful reports starting today!
Prioritized email support
Support emails are responded to within 24 hours from time of submission (e.g., if submitted at 2 p.m., response will be received by 2 p.m. the next day).
Two (2) additional hours
of onboarding / training

Add-on support packages available

Add-on support packages available
Bulk, on demand
document publishing
The Mythos Campaign Builder combines the power of Mythos Document Templates with your ability to upload data to create hundreds or thousands of print-ready PDFs with just a click.
Custom Document
Template catalog
A catalog of custom document templates—not just "reports" but presentations, emails, and more—that either we design for you or from designs you provide to us. This license includes five custom page templates in the setup fee. Learn more.

(Fees apply for custom template setup)
Custom document
Once you've created your documents using the Campaign Builder, you often need to edit, proof, or fix content issues. You can setup custom statuses to use to assign work to teammates (e.g., Pending Review, Ready for Approval, Errors Found, and Approved).
Document assignment
Assign individual documents to members of your team for follow up editing, proofing, etc.
Automatic "out of sync"
If a Mythos Story is editing, and you've already used it to create a document in the Campaign Builder, you'll see a notification that the document needs to be re-synced to update that edited Mythos Story content.
Advanced document
Use the Campaign Builder Document Search to search document data and filter by status, assignment, and/or sync state.
Campaign history
See who did what and when to each Campaign.
Dedicated Account Manager
Full API access

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