Mythos Pricing Plans

Mythos pricing plans are designed to meet your needs whether you’re a small team just getting started with storytelling or a large team already using stories in your nonprofit communications.

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Features & Pricing Reporting Storytelling Campaign
per month, paid annually *
per month, paid annually *
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One-time setup fee $997 $1,997 Setup fee varies
On demand
document publishing
Easily create reports using the Mythos template library. Every report can easily pull in a Mythos story and every page can be customized based on the available template fields and options. Learn more.
Mythos Reporting Template Catalog
A catalog of pre-made templates that you can customize with images, colors, and your logo—without any additional charge—to create beautiful reports starting today!
Custom Document Template Catalog
A catalog of custom document templates—not just "reports" but presentations, emails, and more—that either we design for you or from designs you provide to us. This license includes five custom page templates in the setup fee. Learn more.

(Five page layouts
included in setup fee)
Unlimited surveys
and survey responses
Unlimited stories
Unlimited Admin-level users
Unlimited users with up to four permission roles
Unlimited storage
(excluding videos)
Unlimited, on-demand
data exports
Customer success onboarding
Online help & support
Dedicated Account Manager
Advanced survey logic
Ability to create multi-page surveys and ask different questions based on answers to previous questions.
Branded, themed surveys
(One theme included)

(Two themes included)
Survey data prefill
Attachment of audience data to a survey for prefilling of survey question answers and/or advanced tagging (e.g., to tag a response with fund ID or fund manager).

(Three survey prefills included, additional + $185 per prefill)
Single Sign On (SSO)
One story data import
Video storage
(+ $24 per month for 100 GB)

(100 GB included, + $10 per month for each additional 100 GB)
Donor portal
Branded, themed portal for donors to access their beneficiary stories. Learn more.
Full API access
Creative, Production, and Fulfillment Services
Custom report design, strategy and marketing services, high-quality printing, domestic and international fulfillment.
Custom quoted as needed Custom quoted as needed Custom quoted as needed
* Annual discount 10% discount if paid in full annually 10% discount if paid in full annually 10% discount if paid in full annually

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