Storytelling Plan

For teams looking to take their beneficiary storytelling and constituent communications to the next level.

  • Everything in the Reporting plan plus...
  • Custom Template Catalog
    Your organization is unique—your communications should be too.

    Go beyond our free template catalog to create beautiful communications to showcase your stories. Development presentations, Alumni engagement, marketing—the sky's the limit.

    Your catalog can be custom templates that either we design for you or from designs you provide to us. This license includes setup of five custom page templates but how many more you add is entirely up to you.
  • Advanced Automated Relevance Tagging
    The more you know, the more you grow.

    A higher level of tagging—use data you already have to automatically apply Relevance Tags that will make aligning stories even easier and more efficient.
  • User Roles
    Don't let the control go to your head.

    Control who can do what in Mythos. For example, create a role for your editors that only allows them to edit but not delete or approve content. Create another role for your Development team that only allows them search and find but nothing else.
  • Single Sign On
    You don't need yet another login.

    SSO let's you easily access Mythos with your existing organizations authentication system (e.g., whatever you use to login to email). Learn more.
  • Video Storage
    Full motion impact.

    Take your stories to another level with video. Gets you started with 100 GB of space with additional 100 GB blocks for only $10.
  • Story Import
    You don't have to start from scratch.

    Already have a library of stories? We'll import them into Mythos for you—no limit in the total as long as they're all in the same format.
  • Dedicated Account Manager
    Get the service you deserve.

    When you first get Mythos, our team will ensure you are setup and trained on every aspect of Mythos so that you can hit the ground running and maximize the benefits of the software and our services.

Recommended Add Ons

Add On Monthly Increase Setup Fee
Additional 100 GB of video storage $10 $0
Online Donor Portal Learn More $100 Varies
Custom Report Production Services Learn More Varies
Creative Services Learn More Varies

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