Document Templates for On Demand Publishing in Mythos

The Document Builder and Campaign Builder On Demand Publishing features of MYTHOS® allow you to create print-ready, downloadable PDF documents in real time.

Document Templates are the framework for each document that you want to be able to publish. They consist of a variety of Page Templates that include the layouts, styles, image options, and other customization options.

Examples of documents that are perfect for on demand publishing with Mythos include annual or monthly impact and donor reports, case for support statements, brochures, newsletters, etc. but can be whatever your organization needs and produces on a regular basis.

Templates can be very complex and include rules and logic for how to display content, what content to display, how content should flow from page-to-page, and more. For that reason, this is a critical part of Mythos and one that requires both thorough requirements gathering but also expert programming and testing to ensure your documents meet your expectations.

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