Engage your donors.

From ask to impact.

Mythos makes it easier and more efficient to create beautiful, engaging donor and impact communications.


Collect more beneficiary thank you and impact stories and make them as engaging as possible.


Automatically tag stories with relevant information to easily align them to donors—whether that’s by fund or interest.

Organizing &

Organize stories in a central, searchable database so everyone can easily access and share.

Workflow &

Simplify the process with custom, integrated workflow and content editing tools.


Publish on demand—whether that’s one report or proposal at a time or hundreds.


Share donor-specific beneficiary stories and reports in a secure digital experience.

Creating beautiful, engaging donor communications consistently (especially at high volume) is hard.

From disparate tools that don’t work well together and aren’t designed for the task to the amount of resources required to manage a cumbersome and time-consuming process, we know how frustrating and challenging donor reporting and communications can be.

Mythos was built specifically to help Donor Relations and Advancement professionals.

We created Mythos over a decade ago to make it easier and more efficient for you and your team to create engaging donor communications featuring individually relevant thank yous and beneficiary stories.

And with our many years of experience and expertise, we also offer add-on services to help your team achieve your goals.

How Mythos Helps.

Ask the right questions to get the best stories.

Great stories start with the right questions. With Mythos you can create customized online surveys designed to get the most impactful responses. Respondents can even enrich their answers with images and videos.

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Get the most stories from the most sources.

See who’s started to tell their story, who hasn’t, and who’s submitted so you can follow up and get the most stories before your deadline. Customize the Mythos workflow to ensure all your editing and proofing gets done on time.

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Keep stories organized and easy to find.

Mythos puts all your stories in one central, searchable database so everyone can find and tell the stories that matter whenever they need to. No more Word docs, spreadsheets, emails, hard drives, cloud storage, or single person managing the chaos or knowing where everything is.

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Tell the right stories to the right people.

Stories are automatically and manually tagged from the get go with donor and institutional interests so you can easily align the right story with the person who cares about that story. No more filename conventions or tracking spreadsheets to bring it all together.

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Tell more stories in more ways.

All your content is stored in a standard, consistent format and easily accessible to use for creating printed reports, publishing to your website, or sending an email campaign.

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With Mythos, you get the most out of each story.

The stories your organization generates provide the understanding, the proof, and the encouragement to engage your donors, whether that’s on a campaign website, in donor impact reports, or new development officer tools.

So let’s end where Mythos begins – with the power of a good question:

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