The true value of a donation
lies in the impact it creates.

Gathering, curating, and sharing the true, emotional stories of lives uplifted by the generosity of donors does not have to be so difficult.

Welcome to MYTHOS®

A donor makes a large gift. Their generosity eventually crosses paths with a student, an artist, a refugee—any number of worthy recipients. But no matter who it impacts, the end result is the same.

An opportunity is created where none existed before and a life is changed. Irrevocably and for the better.

It’s powerful stuff. And when properly presented, it can have its own impact. Not just by letting an existing donor know what they enabled and who they helped. But by inspiring potential donors to be equally generous.

“No other product can deliver this level of gift reporting.”

Jennifer Riordan, Executive Director of Donor Relations,
The George Washington University

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Built with your biggest challenges in mind.

You only have so many people, so much time, and so much money.

But you need to reach as many donors as possible.

And the process of gathering impact stories, editing and proofing them, aligning them with the relevant donors, and then sharing them—in a report, on your website, on social media—is no small task.

Mythos was built specifically for that purpose.

This is exactly why we built Mythos.

From integrated, custom surveys, to automatic “tagging” for aligning stories to donors, to a customizable workflow process, to standardized data formats, Mythos is purpose built to help streamline the management of the entire impact reporting process.

That process is simple, conceptually.
But the reality, as you know, is much more complex.

How Mythos Helps.

Ask the right questions to get the best stories.

Great stories start with the right questions. With Mythos you can create customized online surveys designed to get the most impactful responses. Respondents can even enrich their answers with images and videos.

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Get the most stories from the most sources.

See who’s started to tell their story, who hasn’t, and who’s submitted so you can follow up and get the most stories before your deadline. Customize the Mythos workflow to ensure all your editing and proofing gets done on time.

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Keep stories organized and easy to find.

Mythos puts all your stories in one central, searchable database so everyone can find and tell the stories that matter whenever they need to. No more Word docs, spreadsheets, emails, hard drives, cloud storage, or single person managing the chaos or knowing where everything is.

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Tell the right stories to the right people.

Stories are automatically and manually tagged from the get go with donor and institutional interests so you can easily align the right story with the person who cares about that story. No more filename conventions or tracking spreadsheets to bring it all together.

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Tell more stories in more ways.

All your content is stored in a standard, consistent format and easily accessible to use for creating printed reports, publishing to your website, or sending an email campaign.

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With Mythos, you get the most out of each story.

There’s a place for generic storytelling—this is how donations are impacting the institution—and there’s a place for specific, customized storytelling—here’s how this particular donor’s gift affected this individual.

Mythos helps you collect the stories. How you use them is up to you.

But whether you’re interested in a campaign website, a slew of individualized impact reports, or some new development officer tools, the stories you generate can provide the understanding, the proof, and the encouragement to get more people interested in giving.

And More Vang offers strategic direction, creative execution and production services to bring all of these gift communications to life.

So let’s end where Mythos begins – with the power of a good question:

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